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This section of our website is dedicated to listing the Top Upcoming Mobile games. This list is composed of the best and most popular upcoming mobile games for both Android & iOS devices. We will keep updating (adding new berita as well as removing which are already released) the list as time goes on. So check out below for the best upcoming mobile games!

Last updated: 28.09.2021Hitman Sniper AssassinsPublisher: Square EnixGenre: ActionPlatform: Android and iOSRelease date: 2021

Square Enix has announced in their Spring 2021 event that Hitman Sniper Assassins, the supposed prequel to Hitman Sniper will be coming out in 2021! One of the biggest upcoming mobile games this year, it looks similar to the Hitman Sniper game, where you need to stealthily eliminate targets. Read more about the coverage of the game here.Publisher: EAGenre: Battle royalePlatform: Android and iOSRelease date: 2021

EA and Respawn entertainment decided to port their massively popular game, Apex Legends to Mobile devices. As per reports, the game will be available for both Android and iOS devices. However, there was no further information on when the game will be available. If you do not know Apex Legends yet, it is a sci-fi battle royale game with different character classes. Read our latest coverage about Apex Legends here.Diablo ImmortalPublisher: Blizzard EntertainmentGenre: Role PlayingPlatform: Android and iOSRelease date: 2021

Based on the original Diablo universe, Blizzard Entertainment partnered with NetEase to bring the massively popular franchise for mobile devices. Diablo Immortal is a hack and slashes MMOARPG game where players will fight evils, raid dungeons, and many more. Read our full coverage of Diablo Immortal here.Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles: Remastered EditionPublisher: Square EnixGenre: Role PlayingPlatform: Android and iOSRelease date: TBA

The original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is coming back. The game was first published for GameCube by Nintendo in 2003. This new game will be getting new character voiceovers, up to 4 players multiplayer mode, and cross-functional gameplay facilities. There will be new dungeons, bosses and new character skins in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Even if you have played the original version, there will be plenty of surprises waiting for you. For more information, please visit here.Publisher: Riot GamesGenre: MOBAPlatform: Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox OneRelease Date: 2021

Wild Rift is Riot‘s take on a mobile MOBA that will feature many well-known Champions and characteristics of League of Legends. Closed beta has already taken place and we’ve already gotten a good amount of leaks, that you can read about here. The main game mode will be the standard 5v5 on the newly designed Wild Rift. While the controls are going to be adapted, we’ll battle familiar monsters with slightly adjusted Hero kits. You can read our complete coverage about Wild Rift here.LootlandPublisher: Nitro GamesGenre: Multiplayer ShooterPlatform: Android and iOSRelease Date: TBA

Freshly announced on December 16th, 2019, the multiplayer shooter Lootland will be soft-launched in 2020. According to publisher Nitro Games, the game is going to be a casual co-op shooter that seems to focus on PvE. While we haven’t gotten many insights yet, it looks like players have to collaborate to defeat waves of monsters. In case you haven’t played any other games developed by Nitro Games, the trailer to Heroes of Warland will provide you with a basic idea of what to expect in terms of game design. Project OdinPublisher: Lionheart StudiosGenre: MMORPGPlatform: Android & iOSRelease Date: TBA

First revealed last August, Project Odin is the brainchild of Lionheart Studios, a new developed based in South Korea. The studios’ maiden game and also quite an ambitious one, Project Odin has been touted as the “first mobile game to use 3D scan and motion capture for realistic and immersive play.” With Norse mythology, the game teaser gives strong vibes from the classic game Shadow of the Colossus. Originally set to launch this year in South Korea, the game, although it is an MMORPG for mobile devices, looks nothing less than an “ultra-realistic” AAA console game.Vainglory All StarsPublisher: Bazooka TangoGenre: ActionPlatform: Android & iOSRelease Date: TBA

The founders behind popular Vainglory, Super Evil Mega Corp, with their new studio Bazooka Tango announced their new game Vainglory All-Stars. The studio’s first mega-project takes the beloved characters of the Vainglory into a 3v3 brawler where players will battle it out in a more colourful setting than in its MOBA relative. As announced by the studio founder CaptainNeato the game is in an early stage build and pre-registrations are already open on their site with the technical beta already being launched in Brazil.Path of Exile MobilePublisher: Grinding Gear GamesGenre: Role PlayingPlatform: Android & iOSRelease Date: TBA

In November 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced, they are bringing their hit Free to Play Action RPG Path of Exile for mobile devices. As declared by the studios, the game will be devoid of any “bullshit trends” such as microtransactions and pay-to-win elements. Being developed by the same team that worked on the original console versions, the developers emphasize that the mobile version will be the original game tailored for smartphone screens and smaller gaming sessions in mind. Unfortunately, there is no news on the release date of Path of Exile Mobile.Devil May Cry Mobile

Publisher: Yun Chang GamesGenre: Action, Role PlayingPlatform: Android and iOSRelease Date: TBA

Devil May Cry, the famous game franchise by CAPCOM, is all set to make it to mobiles by 2020. Although authorized by CAPCOM, the game is developed by Yun Chang Games. According to reports the game already has a name ie The Battle of the Peak. Scheduled for a 2020 release date for a long time, this fan-favourite game inherits the combos of original DMC’s freedom and flexibility, both skills, and strategy, gorgeous and unrestrained fighting style. To maintain the consistent worldview of the original series, the game also restores the classic characters, scenes, weapons, and bosses to the greatest extent. You can read our full coverage about DMC Mobile here.Spyjinx

Publisher: Epic GamesGenre: Role-Playing, StrategyPlatforms: Android & iOSRelease Date: TBA

If you are into thrilling spy games, this is something that would get you on your feet. Epic Games and Bad Robot Games together have developed a thrilling, mix of action and strategy game, SPYJINX. Spyjinx would gameplay in a secret world of espionage with thrilling heist where the player is referred to as Mastermind. The game would feature crazy tech gadgets, have character development RPG mode, and also ahead to head multiplayer mode. With still no official release date yet, the game is currently, only available in some selected countries as an iOS beta. Read our full coverage on SpyJinx here.Disney Mirrorverse

Publisher: Kabam GamesGenre: Role PlayingPlatforms: Android & iOSRelease Date: TBA

From the house of Disney and Kabam, Disney Mirrorverse brings together action-oriented versions of Disney and Pixar characters that players will assemble into an adventuring party to explore a new Disney-style action universe. Players must prepare for battle and embark on a never seen journey to defend the Mirrorverse. In this entirely new and visually stunning adventure, players will assemble a team of powerful guardians exclusively designed and imagined for the Mirrorverse. Currently undergoing beta testing in the Philippines; it is yet to have a release date.Marvel Future RevolutionPublisher: NetmarbleGenre: Open World, Role PlayingPlatform: Android & iOSRelease Date: TBA

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