Turf Games

Turf Games creates a fun, exciting & competitive environment that pushes you to your limits! If you’re passionate about fitness & looking for your next big challenge then Turf Games is for you!

Thanks for organising such an amazing event – it was incredibly well run and the energy in that room was something else! I’m already excited for the next one!

Well organised, smart workouts and a super positive yet competitive atmosphere! Turf Games is more than just a great day of fitness – I’ve met some amazing people though the community, it is an event that always inspires me to train harder and I’d highly recommend. An epic day all round – can’t wait to compete at the next one!

Being part of the Turf Games community has truly been an incredible opportunity, opening my eyes to the belief that I do belong and this truly is a passion of mine. Plus sharing it with other like minded people who feel it too.

Stephanie Blaise, PT/Ski Instructor

Turf games is the next level in fitness comps!! You come along and get hit from all angles with insane workouts and the atmosphere is like no other!! All teams cheering each other on and judges pushing you also.The community is solid and you feel welcomed from the get go. On my first event I felt like I’d done it for a lifetime with the warm welcome and the event was organised really well and efficiently. If you love a challenge, want to meet awesome like minded people and love fitness then this is for you!!

Andy MacAulay, Sports Therapist

The Turf Games is not just an event, its a community; a group of likeminded individuals challenging each other and forming friendships that go far beyond the realms of just a competition. What Andy Manteit has created is something truly special and one that is epic to be a part of. Train hard, push yourself to your limit, and have so much fun doing so. Roll on the next event. I can’t wait!

Finally! A competition that is inclusive, engaging and challenging. Since being injured and not being able to play anymore contact sport, I have been missing the competitive element of rugby. Fitness alone is not enough for me and the teamwork and camaraderie that you get from the turf games is unrivaled. If you think you are fit, you must give this competition a go.

I know I’ve expressed my gratitude alot but honestly Turf Games have done something truly amazing.Hand on heart, I know that my handling of the lockdown situation would’ve been very different and quite frankly, pretty damn empty without a dose of healthy competition and a focus. Challenging workouts, Live Insta comps, Zoom sessions, Turf Games merch and Private FB class for Preseason folk as well as the Podcasts have all done so much to not only educate me further in areas of fuelling and mindfulness but has reinvigorated me even more.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Preseason pembinaan programme by Turf Games.Not only had it kept my motivated by giving me daily workouts and a structure. It has also connected me with like minded individuals who have motivated and encouraged each other throughout the season. I feel fitter and stronger, I look forward to the next set of programming.

Brilliant set up, easy to get started on the app, and a really supportive Facebook pembinaan group, I’m not the fastest or the strongest but was looking for a new challenge during lockdown and this has been perfect. Great programming and also really easy to follow it the ‘how to’ videos if you aren’t used to the crossfit language. Will be signing up to the next round without hesitation.

Signing up to the preseason programme has been the best thing I have done, knowing that my pelatihan is planned for the weeks ahead has given me structure, enjoyment and massive motivation, all of this backed up by great support from the Facebook community.Bring on the next preseason programme I’m 100% there.

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