The New Games Of 2022: All The Upcoming Pc Games We’re Looking Forward To

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We’ve nearly unlocked a new year, and all the new games of 2022 that will come with it. The beginning of the year is already stacked with huge new PC games like Total War: Warhammer tiga and the long-awaited, long-memed Elden Ring. But big games aren’t the only reason to be thrilled as a PC gamer in 2022. Early in the year we’ll also welcome the launch of Valve’s handheld Steam Deck, our very own gaming console launch!

When you look at our list of the biggest games in 2022, you might feel a sense of déjà vu. It’s true: some of the biggest games launching this year are ones we were expecting to play last year. The downstream effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and major developers working from home for most of 2020 and 2021 mean that last year was absolutely stacked with delays on games big and small.

This coming year may shake out in a similar fashion, now that big game delays have become so much more commonplace. To help you keep track of what you’ll actually be playing this year, we’ll keep this list up to date when release dates move to later points in the year or, inevitably, into 2023.

Don’t despair, though. There are a lot of games launching in 2022. Not all of them have dates yet, so our TBA section is stuffed with fantastic games that haven’t quite nailed down a precise release date for this year. Keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the smaller gems of the year in between all the big hitters.

Here’s your guide to all the new games of 2022 coming to PC.2022 Games: The biggest upcoming games2022 Games: January

January is kicking off the year with two excellent PC ports of console games. Monster Hunter Rise is following in the new tradition of Monster Hunter games on PC while Kratos breaks new ground by bringing God of War to PC for the first time. Not a bad start to 2022. January new games highlightsJanuary new 2022 game release datesJanuary 11, 2022 — Weird West – Top-down immersive simJanuary 12, 2022 — Monster Hunter Rise – The latest MonHuntJanuary 13, 2022 — The Anacrusis (early access) – 70’s style shooterJanuary 14, 2022 — God Of War – Kratos comes to PCJanuary 20, 2022 — Expeditions: Rome – Party-based strategy RPGJanuary 20, 2022 — Pupperazzi – Take photos of adorable dogsJanuary 20, 2022 — Rainbow Six Extraction – Tactical FPS spin-offJanuary 20, 2022 — Warno – 80’s-styled cold war RTSJanuary 20, 2022 — Windjammers 2 – Classic disc tennis sequel2022 Games: February

After that good warmup in January, things are really scheduled to heat up in February. Elden Ring and Total War: Warhammer 3 are two big, highly anticipated games launching fresh on PC. They’re joined by Dying Light dua, which is finally arriving after multiple delays.February new games highlightsFebruary new 2022 game release datesFebruary 4, 2022 — Dying Light 2 – Zombie-killing parkourFebruary 8, 2022 — OlliOlli World – OlliOlli but prettier.February 10, 2022 — Know By Heart – Story-based adventureFebruary 17, 2022 — King of Fighters 15 – Next KOF fighterFebruary 17, 2022 — Total War: Warhammer 3 – Grand strategy RTSFebruary 22, 2022 — Sifu – Kung-fu brawler from Absolver’s developersFebruary 24, 2022 — Atelier Sophie dua – Magical alchemy RPGFebruary 25, 2022 — Elden Ring – From Software’s next big RPGFebruary 2022 — Evil Dead: The Game – Co-op zombie slayerFebruary 2022 — Final Fantasy 6: Pixel Remaster – A facelift for the classic RPGFebruary 2022 — Life is Strange Remastered – First game and prequelFebruary 2022 — Shredders – Open-world multiplayer snowboardingFebruary 2022 — Arctico (early access) – Dogsledding survival adventure2022 Games: March

Leading off as we start to move towards spring is the adorable looking fox-powered action-adventure Tunic, followed up by a re-imagining of SquareEnix’s original entry in the series in Final Fantasy Origins. On the last day of March we’ll also get to play with Lost Ark, with the fantasy MMO coming to the west for the first time. March new games highlightsMarch new 2022 game release datesMarch 1, 2022 — Elex dua – Science-fantasy action RPGMarch tiga, 2022 — Babylon’s Fall – Action RPGMarch 16, 2022 — Tunic – Tiny fox action adventureMarch 18, 2022 — Final Fantasy Origin – Inspired by the original FFMarch 25, 2022 — Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – A Borderlands spinoff shooterMarch 31, 2022 — Lost Ark – The fantasy MMO’s Western launch2022 Games: AprilApril 28, 2022 — Stalker 2 – Chernobyl-based zombie FPS2022 Games: MayMay 24, 2022 — Forspoken – Magical parkour adventureMay ??, 2022 — Vampire: the Masquerade – Swansong – Bitey narrative RPG2022 Games: JuneJune ??, 2022 — Steelrising – Automatron French revolution2022 Games: July

No release dates have been announced for this month yet. Check back soon! 2022 Games: AugustAugust 23, 2022 — Saints Row – The outlandish action series reboot2022 Games: September

No release dates have been announced for this month yet. Check back soon! 2022 Games: OctoberOctober ??, 2022 — Scorn – First-person horror2022 Games: NovemberNovember 11, 2022 — Starfield – Bethesda’s new original space RPG2022 Games: December

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