Lets Sing 2022 Review

We all love a good sing-song. Whether that be in the shower, headlining big concerts or in the church choir. I, however, prefer to sing in the comfort of my own home where no one can hear me. Well, maybe a few friends and neighbours. I have always loved games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero as they allowed me to sing hit songs and feel like I’m living the singer lifestyle. That being said it feels that these types of games went dark for a while, there was the odd one here and there but nothing that stood out to me. Though to my luck this year I stumbled upon Let’s Sing 2022 and rekindled the need to get the friends back together for a good old sing-along.

Sing alone to 30 new chart breakers and all-time classics. If singing alone isn’t your style, then get some friends and family together and jam out. Not to mention the fact that you can play online. There are plenty of different game modes available for you to choose from, whether that’s with eight players in the Let’s Party mode or trying to climb the worldwide leader boards and be the best singer out there. The game is simple to pick up and play and is very good at dropping in and out of, pick your poison from the list of songs and try your best at hitting all the notes as they scroll across the screen. If you can hit the notes you will generate points, the more notes you hit in a row, the higher your combo and the more points you will earn. It’s one of the most enjoyable games that I have had the pleasure of playing this year and after COVID there is nothing better than being able to hold house gatherings and having this as the go-to party game. It is so easy to see who in lockdown took it upon themselves to improve their singing or who among your friends still gets the neighbours worried that someone is dying next door.

Let’s Sing 2022 has several ways you can play it. You can use compatible Microphones, your PS5 controllers and even your mobile smartphones if you download the Let’s Sing app. It’s probably one of the first Karaoke-games that I have played where you can use your phone as the microphone it’s so cool.

The game comes with seven different game modes all with hours of content and unique gameplay. The modes that stood out to me were Mix Tape dua.0, World Contest and Let’s Party. Let’s Party allows up to eight players to be split into two teams and face off against each other in randomly chosen game modes, I enjoyed playing this with my family as it lightened up our weekend after a long week at work. World Contest allows you to try and prove yourself against other online players and climb the leader boards, I would see myself as a competitive person so giving this a go every now and then is a bundle of fun even if I do get my butt kicked more than I win. The modes available offer more than enough for every player and everyone I have played this game with has gone away happy and smiling.

Though for me it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes we would have connection issues while using our phones as mics which would spoil the moment when you are in the middle of a song. When using the PS5 controllers as the mic it sometimes wouldn’t pick up your voice properly and you’d lose combos or not hit notes that you would do normally and this was so frustrating for me when I was trying to get a higher score on a song or playing online. It doesn’t happen all the time but enough to cause issues at least once during a gameplay session. I sadly don’t have a microphone that I could plugin and use but I will be on the lookout for some so that I can try the game out with them.

Graphically it is what you’d expect from a rhythm game, you get to see the music video of the songs that you sing along to while the text scrolls across the screen. You get the quirky avatar that is used to represent you but I feel like these could have been more customisable rather than the pre-set ones that they have on offer. I mean ultimately it’s not a huge part of the game but it would have been nice to have unlockable clothing, accessories or hairstyles instead of just the basic progression system that Let’s Sing 2022 has in place. All you need to do is level up to unlock different characters and versions of that character. Which once unlocked doesn’t give you anything else to work towards. The song list is okay wouldn’t say it’s the best, the DLC tracks that you have to pay for are more enjoyable than the core ones. I find myself singing the same songs over and over as I have never really heard of a 1/tiga of the songs on the tracklist. Though I suppose it’s a good way to listen to new music and learn new songs.

Let’s Sing 2022 is one of those games that can be played over and over again for years to come. House parties? Yeah sure, family birthdays let’s get gran on the mic. It’s one of those games that offers hours of enjoyment for all that are playing and could even be used to perfect your singing voice. I mean, in a few years I could be on Britain’s Got Talent singing for the world as I have perfected hitting all the notes on A Whole New World from the Aladdin soundtrack…. Well, I can dream, can’t I? With the useful feature of online play, it opens your gameplay to other possibilities as you can sing along or against others from around the world which is so much fun if your friends are busy and you just want to rock out for the evening.

Seeing as this is the first karaoke game on Next Generation consoles it does start off very well. Let’s Sing 2022 is the talking point at any house gathering around mine and is so much fun. If you can get past the minor hick-ups like the microphone connection issue and the lack of avatar customization then it is the perfect game for any get-together. Personally, the song list lacks in my eyes and the DLC packs hold songs that are 100% better. Most of the DLC packs range from £3.99 to £4.99 which when you add them all up is a silly amount of money, there is a DLC bundle pack at £44.99 which is a lot cheap but still a big ask seeing as the core game is £45.99. Some of the songs I enjoy playing and the different modes help change up the gameplay when you get a bit tired of just singing songs one after the other. Let’s Sing 2022 is a must-have this festive session as it will help cheer the family and friends up after the last two years, we have had with COVID. For these reasons, I’m giving this game a 7 out of 10.

Platforms: Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation lima, Xbox One

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