Kecil Games

Teams will be competing in fast-paced, easy-to-learn online games that are meant to flex their trivia-esque knowledge, puzzle-solving skills, and giggles.

The rules are simple and the games are exceedingly entertaining. Participants will play a fixed set of 8 kecil brain teaser and puzzle games, including:

Picture Word Puzzles – Guess the word or phrase from a pictorial representation

Name that Nonsense – Read aloud and decipher gibberish words into real phrases

Name that Tune – Guess the song

🌲 Charity Game: Points collected per team will plant REAL trees in the Albertine Rift forests of Uganda. Play the game, make the world better — but don’t get stumped!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Participants: Broken off into teams of up to 5 people max. Teams will play in separate rooms at the same time.

You can play again, but we only have one version of Mini Games (for now!). We recommend trying out another one of our virtual games for some variety and fun for the whole team!

Mini Games comes facilitated with a Confetti game organizer, who will create and host the Zoom meeting for you — free of charge! This is to ensure a seamless game experience and to take as many hosting duties off your plate as possible.

At the start of your event, your game organizer will go over the instructions and rules of the game. From there, players will be delegated into breakout rooms where they will play the game! Your game organizer will remain in the main Zoom room throughout the experience in case anyone has questions or troubleshooting needs.

At the end of the experience, your game organizer will bring everyone back together in the main room, pass off hosting rights to a member of your party, and hop off the call so your group can hang out!

We are unable to guarantee certain hosts for Mini Games, as their booking is dependent on availability. Please drop a note in the ‘special requests’ section when booking, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Either way, we promise you’ll have a wonderful experience with any of our vetted hosts!

Each game can accommodate a maximum of 5 participants. We’ve found that teams larger than 5 aren’t able to collaborate effectively to solve the puzzles since there are so many people in one Zoom room. If you have multiple teams, all groups will play Mini Games at the same time.

Latecomers will have no duduk perkara accessing game links so long as their team doesn’t go over the 5 person maximum per game link. They’ll simply be brought to wherever the rest of their team is on their Mini Games! (So if they’re late and their team has already started, they will miss whichever parts of the game their team has completed.)

You can always give lima-10 min of wiggle room for people to enter the main room of Zoom and have everyone do the ‘icebreaker’ found on your games sheet.

Participants will be broken up into teams using breakout rooms, and will play in separate rooms for the entirety of their Mini Games. We do not bring everyone back into the main room as teams will finish at different times. If you’d like, you can encourage your team to pop back into the main room after their game to hang out!

If not all players are able to make it to this event, we can certainly send you any unused game links afterwards for those players to complete Mini Games at their leisure! We do not offer refunds for people that are unable to attend.

Unused game links do not expire so they can be played whenever! Please note, however, that once a link has been used it cannot be used again. Unused game links cannot be put towards future events.

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