Game Jams

Create Jam Fall 2021(40 joined)

picoCAD Jam 38: Giving(7 joined)

Backtrace GameJam #tiga – Win $2500!(470 joined)

sleepy (bitsy jam) 😴(36 joined)

Mini Jam 95: Chance(348 joined)

Senscape Adventurous Jam(187 joined)

HaxeJam 2021: Winter Edition(45 joined)

picoCAD Jam 41:Christmas(10 joined)

MFGG Winter Fangame Jam(233 joined)

OST Composing Jam #tiga(487 joined)

32bit Holiday Jam 2021(602 joined)

Historically Accurate Game Jam lima(1,014 joined)

Finally Finish Something 2022(383 joined)

mushrooms (bitsy jam)(62 joined)

Finish Your Damn RPG (Jam)(526 joined)

Variety Megajam 2021(113 joined)

Indiepocalypse Issue #25 (Paying Anthology)(121 joined)

Margot Talent Game Jam(14 joined)

🔺 Trijam #147: The 3 hour game jam(43 joined)

TAGD Fall 2021 Semester Game Jam(15 joined)

Desafio Desarrollo – High Ping(10 joined)

Game Dev Party 17 – Négation(8 joined)

4th A MAZE. Train Jam South Africa(7 joined)

Max2d 3rd Annual Game jam.(14 joined)

One Minute Game jam #4(162 joined)

🔺 Trijam #148: The 3 hour game jam(49 joined)

Weekly Game Jam – Week 229(55 joined)

CGX Grad Jam Winter 2021(17 joined)

Fall 2021 VGDA Submissions(8 joined)

Physics and Simulation Jam #2(7 joined)

Hero’s Theme Music Jam(29 joined)

Guildford Games Festival Game Jam 2021(16 joined)

Romanian Game Jam – Great Union Day(16 joined)

FediJam V: of Ruined Plans And General Apocalypse(4 joined)

Yogscast Game Jam 2021(254 joined)

One-Page RPG Hackathon 2021(36 joined)

picoCAD Jam 39: Random(12 joined)

🔺 Trijam #149: The tiga 2021 Ice Edition(44 joined)

VJ1238-2021-22 Fundamentos para el diseño de videojuegos didácticos (UJI)(6 joined)

AIE’s Winter 2021 Game Jam(21 joined)

Desenvolvimento de Games – 2021/02(14 joined)

Fam Jam 4: Cozy Winter Jam(23 joined)

Thankjam – Thankmas Charity Jam(20 joined)

DEV EXP sponsored by LOGITECH(7 joined)

5th Winter Game Jam(120 joined)

UDC Jam #20 – Escape(109 joined)

ACM Winter Game Jam 2021(56 joined)

Cultura Abierta, 4º Edición(69 joined)

Design Buddies Game Jam ’21(153 joined)

Fortnightly Fiction Jam 19(10 joined)

Surrey CompSoc Christmas Jam(6 joined)

picoCAD Jam 40: Geology(11 joined)

OUYA Winter Game Jam 2021(19 joined)

🔺 Trijam #150: The tiga hour game jam(22 joined)

The designers’ famous invasion of joined)

Weekly Game Jam – Week 231(52 joined)

Beggar’s Holiday Jam(23 joined)

Winter GER Game Jam 2021 [03](13 joined)

The Icehouse Jam 2021(38 joined)

Anime_IRL 2021 Christmas Jam(12 joined)

PBBG Christmas Jam 2021(9 joined)

Secret Santa Game Jam 2021(14 joined)

Homestuck Winter Zine Jam(29 joined)


ZenoJam-The perfect jam for beginners(335 joined)

WJG Narrative Game Jam #tiga(14 joined)

The Philosopher’s Jam(23 joined)

Christmas Game & Art Jam – Lumberchill(43 joined)

Game Breaker’s Toolkit Jam #77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777(44 joined)

KuriusHacks: CE 2021(24 joined)

2021 IEEE CIC x GMU Indie Game Jam(6 joined)

Cranberry Game Jam 2(10 joined)

🎄 Trijam #151: The 3 hour game jam(22 joined)

Brain Station 23 presents Hack-A-Jam 2021(206 joined)

Dev Launchers Jam 2021 – Winter Edition(33 joined)

Jame Gam Christmas Edition(383 joined)

Game Jam 2021 AD $420(651 joined)

16 Day RPG Maker Themed Game Jam #5(15 joined)

Anlaut Winter Jam 2021(20 joined)

HypeHype’s Holiday Game Jam(1 joined)

JRPG Turn BasedGame Jam(42 joined)

Tiny Tome single-halaman RPG jam(164 joined)

幼獅 Game Jam 2021 第 1 屆(24 joined)

Weekly Game Jam – Week 233(80 joined)

Weekly Game Jam – Week 232(14 joined)

Ruins & Ruinations TTRPG Jam(25 joined)

PDubs Holiday Jam 2021(12 joined)

Paranormal Inc. Jam!(23 joined)

Revolutionary Girl Utena Game Jam(9 joined)

Games for Blind Gamers(87 joined)

Animated Music Video 2021(19 joined)

Bored Pixels Jam 9 – Extra Flavor(228 joined)

Paper Jam #005: Redline Racers(1 joined)

Weekly Game Jam – Week 234(3 joined)

Finish Your Visual Novel 2021(22 joined)

The Game Development World Championship 2021(63 joined)

[FR] Partim 500 numéro 6(12 joined)

Cthulhu Dark Italia Jam 2021(lima joined)

interact-if text-based story jam 2022 (non-ranked)(50 joined)

interact-if text-based story jam 2022 (ranked)(108 joined)

Kommunity Open Jam 2021.2(19 joined)

Super Secret No-Pressure Caltrop Core Jam!(112 joined)

Game Devcember 2021(213 joined)

New Year’s TTRPG jam(18 joined)

OBP’s First Game Jam: Death(18 joined)

Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland Jam(10 joined)

Accessible Adventure Jam(12 joined)

Мета-игра rus (meta game jam rus.)(2 joined)

Record Collection 2K22(11 joined)

The Cold and Deathless Northern Darkness Jam(18 joined)

Imaginary Horror Game Soundtrack Jam 2021(15 joined)

First Three Words Jam(39 joined)

Gaming Like It’s 1926(23 joined)

Rogue Like Engine Jam(49 joined)

Minimalistic Ray-Tracing Jam(8 joined)

Pygame New Years Jam(45 joined)

La Jam des Mauvaises Résolutions 2022(lima joined)

Developers’ Game Jam dua.0 by Epiphany Games(17 joined)

River Springs Game Jam 2021(lima joined)

DreadXP Dredge the Depths Jam(67 joined)

16 Day RPG Maker Themed Game Jam #3(17 joined)

DOS Games End of the Year Jam 2021(27 joined)

Permafrost Jam – Inverno 2022(8 joined)

9th RPG Maker Horror Game Jam(14 joined)

Themed Horror Game Jam #4(62 joined)

30 Day RPG Maker Themed Game Jam #2(17 joined)

Madora Game Jam 2022 ($1,200 in Prizes)(33 joined)

GoedWare Game Jam #3 (+ prizes 🏆)(23 joined)

S.C.P – fan – Game Jam(39 joined)

Stingr’s Mentorship Jam(7 joined)

Game Jam for Good – Presented by GameByte Supporting British Red Cross(14 joined)

Weekly Art Jams – Piksel #0(lima joined)

Weekly Art Jams – Müzik #0(2 joined)

Playful Creative Process Jam(16 joined)

2021 UT GameGuild – Winter Game Jam(7 joined)

Houdini Game Jam 2021(119 joined)

Black and White Jam #⁷√∞(32 joined)

Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone 2022(4 joined)

Official Baba Is YouLevelpack Jam – Winter 2022(11 joined)

$lima,000 Roblox ‘Retro’ Game Jam(45 joined)

Coding Blocks Game Jam ’22(32 joined)

Xanderjam #6 – Winter Jam 2022(24 joined)

Game Dev London x Into Games – GGJ22 – Community Showcase(19 joined)

Stareye Atlas Jam #dua(20 joined)

Jam for All BASIC Dialects (#dua)(4 joined)

One Minute Game jam #lima(5 joined)

Buddy Up Jam – Winter 2022(32 joined)

Pixel Game Jam – 2022(27 joined)

🌟IGA Impact Jam🌟(34 joined)

16 Day RPG Maker Themed Game Jam #6(1 joined)

Permafrost Jam – Primavera 2022(2 joined)

Towel Day Warm Up 2022(2 joined)

Smellson’s Island Game Jam(8 joined)

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